FAsting the right way

A Guide to Help You fast the right way and unlock the Physical and Mental Health benefits of fasting.


#1 : Water mistake to avoid in Sehri


LISAaN ud dawat

#2 : Best food for Sehri to not feel hungry


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Foods to avoid during Sehri:


Packet and ready to eat foods like cereals, quick oats, instant foods.


Processed foods like white/brown breads, jams, nutella, biscuits.

Frozen Meat

Frozed and processed meat like salami, seekh, sausages, nuggets.


Oily and deep fried foods. Strickly avoid outside foods.

Refer PDF Guide to For RIGHT Eating Habits

#3 : How much water to drink in Sehri


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#4 : Dont miss this step during Iftar


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#5 : This mistake can kill benefits of fasting


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Fasting The Right Way : Long Video



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