Below are the few results and case studies of clients taking control of their health and started staying healthy effortlessly once again!

Significant changes in my energy levels

Was having lack of energy and concentration, also got little fear after getting border line results of cholesterol and sugar.

I can see significant changes in morning energy levels after the program. Overall coaching has reminded me that good habits can be developed, and oce done, it puts you on balanced routine without much efforts. My funtamentals got cleared with help of this program, I am now off my cholesterol meds.

Senior Manager, UAE

I am able to easily perform other activities without fatigue and also focus on studies.

I was used to feel tired very often, because of which was not able to focus 100% on my studies. Due to this, I was not able to give time to other activities in my life.

The program helped me to find the root cause for my problem and correct the imbalance in my daily habits and lifestyle. Now I feel more energetic and I am able to easily perform other activities without fatigue and also focus on studies.

Student, India

without any diet plans or heavy workouts.

I had gained weight due to my poor lifestyle, work-life imbalance and unhealthy eating habits. 

With the help of the coaching program, I was easily able to lose over 7 kgs and started to feel more energetic by making simple changes to my lifestyle and eating habits.

The best part is I was able to achieve this without any calorie counting, diet plans or heavy workouts.

Business Owner, India

you fixed my biggest problem...sleep

A big big thanks...and heartfelt it magic or just a pep call... U fixed my biggest problem - SLEEP.

Alhamdolillah I am getting good sleep at nigh...feel much rested and fresh.

Thank you once again.

Counsellor, Honkong

I feel more connected towards my body.

I was in a stressful situation but not aware of how it was taking a toll on my body and hindering my productivity and optimism to perform. After the program, my routine, eating habits, and sleeping habits are much better now. I feel more connected towards my body & inner self which is like falling in love with yourself. I am physically and mentally much better!

Businessman, Middle East

you gave me the inspiration!

I wanted to share this news that I have stopped taking lanzaprazole (antacid medication) and my iron tablets too.

Thank you. If it wasn't for you I would still be on them. You gave me the inspiration.

My duas and prayers for you always.

Homemaker, UK

transformation case studies:

Being a Doctor, I was not able to attend to my patients with 100% focus. 

Every year I felt I am having a new disease, too much frustration. Cold, allergy, alopecia... I was counting how many problems I have in my body.

Being a doctor, I was not able to attend to my patients with 100% focus. My patients were watching me, I am always sick and don't look happy. I was tired and it was impacting my life.

The program helped me prioritize myself. Balancing my lifestyle and right mindset helped to balance my life. I am relaxed and my stress levels are very much controlled.

The world is going through COVID,but I have found internal peace. Thank you, you are doing great work!

- Dr Nisreen, India

I was told that I have to take eight allopathic medicines for life long...

When I was diagnosed Ulcerative Pancolitis in 2018 I had lost all hope of recovery and was put on 8 medicines.

I had no clue what this disease was as my doctor told me it’s an autoimmune disease [lifestyle disease], the cause of which is still unknown. I was told that I have to take allopathic medicines for life long followed by a soft diet in order to suppress the disease and was also told that bowel movements will occur again & again as it is the nature of the disease and when this happens the dose of allopathy medicines has to be increased in order to alleviate the flare-ups.

After hearing all this I went into depression and also had to take medicines for controlling my level of depression at times. The allopathy doctors clearly said that there is no complete cure for this type of disease and if not taken care of, it might also turn into Cancer after a few years.

Murtaza bhai Shakir worked very hard in order to just make be believe that I can come out of this condition and can again live a normal healthy life which one would always look for. I too had kept a complete faith upon him and strictly followed all his instructions till date and would like to tell that today I have overcome this disease and living a healthy normal life.

I had also attended a 3-day Alive & Fearless Wrokshop by Mr. Murtaza Badri which helped me to work on my Mindset which was a part of the Health Coaching Program.

With continuous working on my lifestyle, mind & stress levels, now I have overcome this disease and living a happy & a healthy life.

Most of my allopathy medicine have now been stopped and gradually reducing and only one of them left.

I would sincerely like to thank once again to Murtaza bhai Shakir and Murtaza Bhai Badri for transforming me from where I was two years back and to what I am today.

- Mustafa, Businessman, India

His amazing mentorship enlightened my path...

Hi , myself Husain,  I am known for my humorous, helpful n confident behaviour among my near & dear ones.

But in our life their comes some phases where we lose our normal path & get misguided to some life threatening path. 

We all know about today’s situation of our society (COVID) & Because of some reasons I stepped into fear, anxiety etc which was very very hard time for me to pass days. 

Consulted doctors but as usual I was burdened with lots of medicines which puts me more in fear of losing my health and a loss of hope to be a original me again.

Somehow I was managing to pass days & one day I got in touch with “Murtuzabhai shakir” & consulted him. 

His amazing mentorship enlightened my path & today I am again in touch with my original self. Thanks to “Murtuza bhai” for his time & dedication.

I highly recommend him to shape up your lifestyle.

- Husain S, Businessman, India

Dr. had diagnosed asthma and suggested to be on medication for the long term.

When I started the program, I had breathing and wheezing issues, which lead to sleeping difficulty. 

Dr. had diagnosed asthma and suggested to be on medication for the long term.

I was getting exhausted after work. Work-life imbalance, fatigue & irritation.

The program helped me give priority to health & the importance of right eating habits, emotional health, and giving time to each area of life.

Identify the right activities to alleviate the symptoms & eliminate the issues (no longer taking asthma and allergy medications) by taking care of my lifestyle and right mindset.

- Mustafa, Engineer, Middle East

I was suffering from severe acidity for 5 years...

I was suffering from severe acidity which lead to vomiting every morning for more than 5 years and had to take antacids every morning. Because of which I always felt restless and unhealthy. 

The coaching program helped me change my mindset towards eating food and helped me build healthier habits and strong mindset.

My mornings are much relaxed and there is  feeling of freshness

- Jumana, Businessowner, Tanzania

I had thyroid issues, PCOD, and excessive weight...

I had thyroid issues, PCOD, and excessive weight... also was struggling with negative thinking, irregular routine & eating habits, and blaming myself.

All the above issues lead to a lack of confidence, anger issues and pain.

The program helped me in overcoming PCOD & thyroid, helped me in my routine and losing weight. I started getting work, it helped me achieve peace of mind.

Now I feel happier, more confident, more joyfulness, taking care of myself, full focus on my work, less anger, taking good care of my child & family too... Thank You!

Zainab, Teacher & Homemaker, Middle East

I had this habit of eating junk food...

I had this habit of eating junk food. As a sales representative who is always on the go, it was very convenient for me to consume fast food during working hours.

Murtaza made me rethink my eating habits. No matter what walk of life you come from your health should be your top priority.

The program helped me realize what was missing in my day-to-day life and also made me realize the importance of health.
I am more mindful about what I eat and take my time with food and with less quantity of food I feel sufficient.

The best part about this program is that it doesn’t give you any plan or diet chart to follow but it teaches you a few simple techniques for a healthy lifestyle!

Mustafa, Sales Executive, Kuwait

My life changed after using the principles...

My daily routine was not well. Not getting proper sleep. My breathing habit was not good. Eating habits not balanced.

Feeling lonely was also one of the problems I faced.

This lead to a feeling of laziness, sometimes no mood to go outside and meet people..

My life changed after using the principles shared in the health coaching program.

I started sleeping early and comfortably at night. Having my meals on time. The most important thing, my lonely feeling disappeared.

I'm so glad to start this program, my life totally changed.!

Samiha, IT Sales, Oman

low energy, poor immunity (frequent colds) and felt I was aging faster...

I was feeling a deterioration in health for the last 2-3 years, I was feeling low energy, poor immunity (frequent colds) and felt I was aging faster.

It was impacting my work life, used to be sick for a week after I came from any travel, and was not able to survive cold conditions.

The program helped me tremendously. The biggest eye-opener was my misconceptions around eating habits, I was practicing wrong habits thinking they were right.

All the changes in my lifestyle habits after the sessions have helped me implement them automatically without conscious effort.

I can confidently say that my Health is On Autopilot. I was mentally at peace with all the concepts I learned during the coaching.

Mufaddal, Interior Designer, India

Dr Fatema
Dentist, India

Husain S
Business Owner, India

Farida G
Homemaker, India

Rashida J
Homemaker, Oman

Engineer, India

Homemaker, India

Student, Tanzania

Homemaker, Kuwait

Homemaker & Teacher, Kuwait

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