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NOTE: If you have any medical history, consult your medical provider if making any signigficant changes.


Difference between Harmful v/s Healthy weight loss methods.

What you will learn...

Why weight loss should not be your goal.
Harmful v/s Healthy ways of losing excess fat.
Stop using weighting scale to measure health.
Five parameters to measure health.


SLEEP: The foundation of sustainable fat loss

What you will learn...

How sleep impacts fat loss.
Link between poor sleep & unhealthy eating habits.
How poor sleep compromises exercise motivation.
Ideal night routine for best fat burning.


What and When to eat for a sustainable weightloss?

What you will learn...

Diet trends NOT to follow when losing weight.
Four categories of food body needs.
Importance of when you eat the food.
How to create the healthy eating habit.


Calculate right quantity of food to lose weight & gain health

What you will learn...

Who decides how much you need to eat?
How you eat decides how much you eat.
Simple principle to decide how much to eat without calorie counting.


All about physical activity and fat loss - What, When & How Much?

What you will learn...

Fat Loss vs Fitness.
Three parameters of fitness and healthy weight.
Body needs movement.(Who really needs the gym?)
What types of movement?


FIVE golden keys to permanent  & sustainable fat loss.

What you will learn...

5 keys to good health and losing weight permanently.
How your Mindset determines weight loss.
Importance of social support and people around you.

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