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Secret #1 : How to never fall sick

Healthy living lesson which was not taught in my 6 years of medicine. Learn the secret of why do we fall sick and how to prevent yourself.

Secret #2 : How to build immunity

Immunity boosting is a big lie. To stay healthy, you must focus on building the immunity with right habits. Learn the 5 habits for lifelong immunity.

Secret #3 : Stay healthy effortlessly!

How to stay healthy without compromising time, energy and money. Learn the secrets of healthiest & longest living people on planet. (it's not food or exercise)

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Murtaza Shakir

Health COach & Creator of 'health on autopilot'

I completetd my Masters in Pharmaceutical Science with a hope of finding a solution for my problems (Asthma, Chronic Sinus, Fibromylagia). Studied medicine for over 6 years, could not find a cure and was told to manage it.

Over 10 years, I have been a student of Health and Human body. How our environment - physical and mental impacts our long term health. Understanding why do we fall sick allowed me to overcome my problems and have been using same principles via one-on-one coaching to help other people stay healthy without compromising their time, energy and money.

Most important discovery I made was that our body is designed to stay healthy as long we are alive and our health must be on Autopilot so we can use our 100% energy towards building a life and business we love!

My mission to help you connect with natural homeostatis of the body so our health can be on autopilot, and we can utilize all of our time, energy and focus in living a life we love! Learn more

WHaT people say

Significant changes in my energy levels

Was having lack of energy and concentration, also got little fear after getting border line results of cholesterol and sugar.
I can see significant changes in morning energy levels after the program. Overall coaching has reminded me that good habits can be developed, and oce done, it puts you on balanced routine without much efforts. My funtamentals got cleared with help of this program, I am now off my cholesterol meds.

Vivek, Senior Manager, UAE

I have found internal peace.

Being a doctor, I was not able to attend to my patients with 100% focus. My patients were watching me, I am always sick and don't look happy. I was tired, it was impacting my life. 

The program helped me prioritize myself and balance my life. I am relaxed and my stress levels are very much controlled. The world is going through COVID, but I have found internal peace. Thank you, you are doing great work!

Dr. Nisreen, India

without any diet plans or heavy workouts.

I had gained weight due to my poor lifestyle, work-life imbalance and unhealthy eating habits. 

With the help of the coaching program, I was easily able to lose over 7 kgs and started to feel more energetic by making simple changes to my lifestyle and eating habits.

The best part is I was able to achieve this without any calorie counting, diet plans or heavy workouts.

Moiz, Business Owner, India

you fixed my biggest problem...sleep

A big big thanks...and heartfelt it magic or just a pep call... U fixed my biggest problem - SLEEP.

Alhamdolillah I am getting good sleep at nigh...feel much rested and fresh.

Thank you once again.

Munira, Businesswoman, India

I feel more connected towards my body.

I was in a stressful situation but not aware of how it was taking a toll on my body and hindering my productivity and optimism to perform. After the program, my routine, eating habits, and sleeping habits are much better now. I feel more connected towards my body & inner self which is like falling in love with yourself. I am physically and mentally much better!

Hakim, Businessman, Middle East

you gave me the inspiration!

I wanted to share this news that I have stopped taking lanzaprazole (antacid medication) and my iron tablets too.

Thank you. If it wasn't for you I would still be on them. You gave me the inspiration.

My duas and prayers for you always.

Fatema, Homemaker, UK

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